The Home Star Properties team is built for success.  Our team brings together diverse skills and puts them to work!  Our innovation and experience in the investment real estate industry gives us the ability to find and purchase properties quickly and efficiently before other investor groups.  We hold ourselves to strict conservative investment strategies which provide us with amazing opportunities for our company and partners.

Our property management team works diligently to give our investment properties every opportunity for success.  By working together closely on a daily basis we communicate effectively to keep our team informed and maintain smooth operations.

By leveraging technology we are continuously improving our efficiency in the market.  We understand that as technology evolves, so must we.  Our team makes every effort to take advantage of proven effective technologies.

We work for the success of our company and for the success of our partner investors.


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My Home Star Profile - View Here

CEO | Founder

Lawrence Murphy

VP | CO-Founder

Joseph Murphy

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VP | acquisitions

Scott Dahin, CCIM

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Team Members

Operations Manager

Al Langlais

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VP | Marketing

Trent Wood