The following are two examples of what HSP Self Storage Management can do for your self storage business.  Rockingham and Springfield Self Storage are both owned by Home Star Properties and managed by HSP Self Storage Management using the management process and techniques described in this package.  In the following graphs you will see HSP Management Service's ability to close the economic vacancy gap to increasing total occupancy to its ideal range above 90%.

Our success, is your success.  We know that a finely tune and profitably run Self Storage Facility starts with the Operational Systems that are in place and how those Systems are being executed by the staff.  At the heart of our Operational System is our tested and proven
Web Based Self-Storage Management System.  This Management System is capable of doing countless tasks to help organized and monitor your business, and being a web based system, you as an owner and we who are managing day to day activities can see all the Operational activities real time.  All you’ll need is a computer and a wireless connection.   Just some of the tools available to the managers, staff, and owners of the facility are:

1.   Creation of the comprehensive customer profile.
2.   Customer Letters are sent out automatically:  invoices, late notice letters, certified letters, and auction letters
3.   Unit inventory control, Unit availability, and Unit pricing
4.   Up to the minute payment and collection reports
5.   Retail inventory and pricing
6.   Extensive Management and Financial Reporting
7.   Ability to view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Physical Occupancies and Economic vacancies and all the financial transactions.

These are just a few of the capabilities this Management Software offers the Management team, and with a click of a mouse you will be able to see any of these reports on a real time basis.   Our experienced Senior Managers will train your current staff from day one and we will continuously train and monitor the staff to achieve our common goal of peak proficiency and efficiency.     

In the Self-Storage industry, Marketing has never been more important.  A large majority of owner/operators know that with today’s technologies and Self-Storage as a favorable commercial asset.  Creatively marketing your facility is hugely important to capturing marketing share.  Advertising in the Yellow Pages has been the storage industry's main source of advertising, but no longer.   HSP Self Storage Management will take your facility into the 21 century with a comprehensive marking plan which includes building a facility website, Google business verification, and line of site signage to advertize prices, specials and incentives.  We set up monthly Email Blasts, and referral programs.  We canvass and cold call local businesses, develop bulk mail strategies, manage radio advertising campaigns, run special promotions in local newspapers, and arrange for point of sale facility signage.  We become actively involved in the local business groups such as Chamber of Commerce, State Self Storage Associations and others. 

We also do the research to fully understand the local Self-Storage market and the regional market as a whole.  Just a few of the market components we research are:

1.   Population dynamics and household demographics,
2.   1-3-5 mile ring for competition,
3.   1-3-5 mile absorption rates,
4.   Traffic counts,
5.   Market pricing,
6.   Job growth.

We use our understanding of the market to shape our business plan for your facility to drive up revenues!!!

Rockingham Self Storage consists of 8,000 square feet of lockers totaling 75 units of various sizes and outside storage for RV's, boats, cars, campers, trailers, etc.  Springfield Self Storage has 13,000 square feet of storage space totaling 128 units of various sizes and over 10,000 square feet of outside storage.  Both facilities have shown great improvement under HSP Self Storage Management and we can do the same for you and your facility!

Contact HSP Self Storage Management at (802) 289-3917 for more information on how we can help you manage your self storage facility.  You can also email HSP Self Storage Management at  We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Results

Why HSP Self Storage Management?

These are the hidden jewels of a successful Self Storage business.  Value Added Components are revenue streams that add significantly to your bottom line, and the added NOI will bring a higher value when you decide to sell your business.  Our many years of experience uniquely positions HSP Self Storage Management to identify, plan, and execute profitable added value components that many owner/operators fail to recognize or dismiss as insignificant.  We take pride in our ability to identify these opportunities, and we actively work to maximize the profit value of each added component.  Some examples of these Value Added Components are:

1.  U-Haul dealerships for truck and trailer rentals,
2.  A retail moving supplies center,
3.  Adding or expanding outside storage,
4.  Converting typical storage to Climate Controlled Storage,
5.  Solar panels,
6.  A business center,
7.  A propane exchange center.

HSP Self Storage Management has developed a comprehensive Self –Storage Management system, and a proven track record of maintaining and increasing the operational performance of Self-Storage facilities.  We understand how to manage the day-to-day operations to drive revenues and increase the value of your investment. Our company has been managing Self-Storage Facilities and Multifamily properties for over 25 years and would like to bring our experience to you! We strongly believe we can turn your business into a more profitable facility!   Our team at HSP Self Storage Management will provide day-to-day active management of your Self- Storage Facility, putting your mind at ease knowing you have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals on your side. We pride ourselves in owning, operating, and managing profitable Self-Storage facilities throughout the United States.  The four core services HSP Self Storage Management offer are:  1. Operations    2. Management    3. Marketing   4. Finding the added value added components to your business.  HSP Self Storage Management will put our experience operational managers to work in your facility with the primary goal of improving the bottom line.  We will do this by implementing our fully integrated Web Based Operating System.  This comprehensive management system has many functions from taking automatic payments, to sending out any type of letters we select automatically every month, to managing the daily occupancies.  We will manage the income and expenses of the business, and provide weekly, monthly, and annual financial reports.   We will train current and new staff with our proven management system that will increase the physical occupancy and reduce the economic vacancy, thus driving your revenues upward.  Lastly, we use state of the art real estate marketing tools to fully understand the local market in order to retain, capture, and drive market share to your business.

Value Added Components

The Management team at HSP Self Storage Management has many years of successful day-to-day management experience, and is committed to bringing that talent to your facility to achieve the goal of increased revenues.  We know that the key to success in any business, is the people that run the business.  HSP Management Systems has developed a systematic road map to help the field managers achieve that success.  What we will bring to your business is:

1.   Comprehensive staff training on our Management System,
2.   Staff recruitment and retention,
3.   Staff development on customer relations,
4.   Train staff to understand and react to the market demands ,
5.   Train staff in our Policies and Procedures,
6.   Understand the competition and how to be the top facility,
7.   Teach staff the importance of curb appeal, and maintaining
a clean, well-lit,

      and secure facility,
8.   Work with all the vendors associated with running a successful facility to

      bring the best third party products and services to your business,
9.   Increase the physical Occupancy and reduce Economic Vacancy,
10. Manage the market rents and increase them when we see the opportunity.

HSP Management Systems will treat your business like it's our business, and our experienced Senior Managers will train and mentor your staff to bring upon proven results. 

Unlike many Self-Storage management companies, we own and operate our own facilities, thus we bring our hands on, in the trenches, knowledge and experience to fully drive revenues in your facility. We know how to attract and gain market share. We know the importance of curb appeal, and having a safe, well-lit, Self-Storage facility. We understand that having a healthy physical occupancy is very important, but it’s the economic vacancy that’s a key indicator in the true success of the management staff. Our fully qualified HSP Management Systems Senior Management Staff will bring to your facility all their talent’s and proven management systems to help your Self-Storage Facility.



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